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Got the pills last week. Thank you very much.  

by Sandra, WY

I am a 34-year old female and I have started taking Flagyl for bacterial vaginosis last week. Actually the desease was not diagnosed immediately as I didn't have really serious symptoms at the beginning and then I ignored some of the symptoms being sure it was just minor disorder that will pass by. However when I started having really profuse I got worried and went to my doctor. He diagnosed bacterial vaginosis and prescribed Flagyl. I have been taking the medication for three days now and the symptoms disappeared, besides today I have undergone another test and the doctor said the disease was almost away. 1more day on Flagyl to make sure and I will be absolutely healthy. That is marvelous. I love drugs that solve problems so quickly and easily without creating additional problems for patients.  

by Henrietta K., TX

Flagyl is one of the best antibiotics on the market. I have experienced its effectiveness when last month I developed severe bacterial vaginosis. It was all very unpleasant. I experienced constant discomfort and naturally my sexual life was affected as well. I am afraid of possible complications as any disease connected with the genitals makes me worried, as I know dozens of stories when simple disorders influenced the woman's ability to have kids or developed into more serious diseases with drastic consequences. So as soon as I understood that the problem was not going to go away I went to my gynecologist who immediately diagnosed me and prescribed Flagyl. The drug helped me a lot, in 2 days things got back to normal. Besides I was extremely surprised to see many negative reviews about this drug on the internet. Personally I haven't noticed any side effects, everything was just perfect. Don't forget that reviews are mostly written by people who are unhappy with the product. When you're happy, you are unlikely to write a review. So don't judge Flagys on the basis of those negative reviews. The medication is perfect for its purpose.  

by Patricia Meyers, Lincoln

To tell you the truth I have bacterial vaginosis every other month. The thing is that my immune system is not too strong and due to my back pain I can't but go to public swimming pool 2-3 times per week. As a result I am not a rare guest in my gynecologist's office. I have tried many medications and I can say that not all of them are effective, and only some of them are effective at the level I need - in case of recurrences and without unbearable side effects. Some three months ago my doctor advised me to try Flagyl, he told that many of his patients are very happy with this medication and naturally I am now one of them. Flagyl helps me to quickly get rid of bacterial vaginosis symptoms every time I develop the infection. I have no side effects, and I have been using the drug for many times already and believe me, I know what side effects can occur with antibiotics. Flagyl is an excellent product and I hope it keeps as effective and reliable as it is now for me.   

by Marion T., Kirkland

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