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Micohex Shampoo

About four years ago a young cat latched onto us. It was hungry and lonely and looked so desperate that we decided to leave it in our house. It grew into a wonderful snow-white she-cat and we all love her dearly. However the cat was probably left on the street y her previous owners due to numerous health problems she had. When we took her one of her ears was torn, she had her whiskers burnt, definitely she had some helminthes and there was obvious problem with her skin - there was almost no hair on her head. Due to all these problems she looked even more miserable, we couldn't turn away. To tell you the truth I had to spend quite a lot of time on visiting local vet, but little by little we managed to solve all the problems our wonderful cat had. The most difficult thing to solve was the infection she had on her skin. It naturally took us about three years to first find an effective medication and then completely cure the infection. We have tried many different ointments, pills and shampoos before we found Micohex - the only medication that really helped my cat get rid of the skin disorder and grew new hair on her head. This shampoo is absolutely marvelous. It causes no unpleasant sensations for the animal but works well in killing skin infections. Now our cat is all covered with wonderful white coat and we are proud of her.  

by Miranda Sullivan, Tallahassee

I have a German shepherd named Rex and he's 13 years of age now. He's an old dog and had quite an exciting life. For several times I thought I will lose him, when he god heavily bitten by other dogs, when he got hit by a car and when he got poisoned with something I still don't know. But he is still with me and I'm so happy. However he's old and every next disease or disorder causes him more problems and is more difficult to cure. So, when he got his back scratched in the woods I thought that was a trifle. But then skin infection developed, she licked his back and therefore the infection spread. Little by little there appeared strange crust over his back and the hair was gone. When I took him to the vet he was diagnosed with infectious dermatitis and prescribed with Micohex. I bought the shampoo that very evening and we started treatment course immediately. In a week I noticed that Rex no longer licked his back, so obviously the itching was gone and the crust started to decrease. In two weeks there appeared new hair on his back. And in a month the dog looked almost absolutely healthy. Micohex is a wonderful medication for its purpose. It is mild, causes no worries for the patient and it is effective. Besides if your dog licks it there is no problem. I hope my Rex will stay with me for a lot more years.  

by Scott Hawk, MA

I am a cat breeder and I have 4 Burmese cats. These little panthers are absolutely adorable and their silky fur is breathtaking. When new kittens are about to arrive I usually have a queue of buyers in advance, because my cats have perfect pedigree, I know how to take good care of them to ensure successful development and growth. But they are living creatures and are prone to diseases and parasites. Sometimes young kitten develop dermatitis as a result of some skin infections. If neglected and not treated on time it can affect their wonderful fur and postpone the time when they can join their new families. But years of practice helped me find trusted solutions to almost every disorder cats might have. And when it comes to dermatitis, there is no other antifungal and antimicrobial solution like Micohex. This shampoo works miracles on animals. It eliminates every sign of dermatitis quickly and effectively, creating no problems or unpleasant sensations for the animals. With this shampoo I managed to avoid many problems and I always advise it to all new owners of my kittens.  

by Barry Mitchel, Edmonton

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